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My name is Femke, I represent the community of Aimforthemoon.
The past 5 years we have grown into a large community of entrepreneurs partnering with corporates to accelerate innovation.

We create new companies and transform existing ones through moonshot thinking and entrepreneurship. We unite the power of entrepreneurs to start small (creativity and execution power) - and the power of corporates to scale fast (expertise, network, resources).
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At Aimforthemoon we are on a mission to realize moonshots.

We define Moonshots as shared entrepreneurial dreams with the potential to significantly impact our world and thereby solve society’s most urgent challenges: they inspire, are credible, and imaginative.

We believe our world has the people, technology and resources to solve society's most urgent challenges. We believe that a new type of entrepreneurship is key to realizing change. And that we, as community of entrepreneurs, can make a positive impact when we partner with scalable partners. We want to grow into a global movement and empower entrepreneurs and innovators in realizing Moonshots.
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We believe Moonshots require collaboration, freedom and responsibility. We work remotely and meet each other at our studio space in the city centre of Amsterdam (Reguliersdwarsstraat 50). By leveraging the community’s shared knowledge, network and execution power we can engage in several innovations simultaneously.
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My name is Niek Karsmakers. As a corporate consultant in my previous career, I noticed that big companies who want to innovate or set up new ventures have difficulties in finding the right people (young entrepreneurs) to get the job done. Although, they have (financial) resources, knowledge and network to scale things, ideation and realizing those innovative ideas into building new ventures from scratch is not their cup of tea.

That's why we, at Aimforthemoon, connect these two different worlds. We align startup teams from our community of entrepreneurs with mature companies that have an innovation request, because Creatability (young entrepreneurs ) X Scalability ( mature companies) = Impact ( scalable new businesses).
What we do: together we build tomorrow's ventures from 0-1

We align entrepreneurial teams with big companies, so that together, we can co-create and realize new businesses from scratch. We apply lean start-up techniques to open innovation in order to create value at startup speed and multinational scale. Our stronghold lies in execution power, from zero to one ventures. And we believe the best way to learn anything is by doing - that's why we created the Aimforthemoon Experience.
The previous years we have been working with cool innovative companies such as eBay, Independer, Robeco and PostNL.

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